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Sugarloaf Vapor


ALL PRICES ARE SLASHED across the board, no coupon necessary!  Unfortunately we will be closing up shop in the next 3-5 months, so get your juice while supplies last!  We appreciate all of the support we have received and we will never forget our loyal fans and customers!


Welcome to Sugarloaf Vapor! We are a premium e-liquid manufacturer established in Maryland.  Be sure to read more About Us and our ingredients.  120ml bottles of e-juice are now available on our Juice MenuFree shipping on all orders over $50!


Nicotine Purity

We spent a lot of time finding the perfect nicotine source. We have tested countless brands of nicotine trying to find the most clean and pure nicotine that has little to no peppery aftertaste. We believe we have found that. Every batch of our nicotine comes with a guaranteed GC/MS-validated lab analysis guaranteeing at least 99.90% purity.  The result is a smooth, non-harsh vape with no unnecessary peppery flavorings.